Branding & Identity

Today, brands need to have a clear differentiation or reason for being and need to stand apart from others in order to be noticed, make an impression, and to ultimately be preferred. Our branding highlights your relevance to connect to what people care about. Good branding and positive identity builds demand.

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Content Creation

As the authors, producers or publishers of original information or experiences, we understand the entire value as content in a specific context. So when part of an original article (such as a headline from a press release) is picked up on another web page displaying the results of a user's search engine query grouped with headlines from other news publications and related press releases, the value of the original headline increases dramatically. We craft content that is relevant and designed with these opportunities in mind.


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Social Marketing

Leverage the power and swiftness of social media to promote your brand or service. We create 360-degree multi-platform social strategies that connect you with your audience in an engaging and dynamic way that entices the user to return to your site giving you more opportunities to interact with the consumers most likely to desire your services or products.

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Colorship Media & Design provides digital content creation, graphic design, brand management, specialty print services,  and project management for any size business or organization. We specialize in creative solutions that cost-effectively promote our clients products and services regardless of scope or budget.

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"I've been working with Scott Allen Huff at Colorship Media for almost a year and it has been an amazing experience. His knowledge, creativity, and professionalism has greatly increased the quality and quantity of projects my company has been able to complete. If you need anything media related, call Colorship!"

Priscilla Hataway

Project Manager - Easley Winery, Indianapolis

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